How we are serving our city

Mount Zion loves Nottingham; we feel it’s a city that promotes equality, inclusion, and diversity and if you live in Nottingham and you are in need, we want to do all we can to make a difference in your life.

If you need spiritual or emotional support, we want to help you achieve and improve your life chances.

Here are some things we can do to help you and the people in our city.

Coffee Morning & Food Bank

We will interact with you in an empathic and authentic way. We will encourage you to have hot drinks and light refreshments with us at the Coffee morning and Food Bank every Tuesday and Thursday from 10.00 am -12 noon.

Food Bank works in partnership with the Trussell Trust network, Hope Nottingham and Mount Zion Church to provide food and support to those in need in the community in our city.

Mount Zion Apostolic Church is a central location in the city and is well known by members of its community.

Do you think we could be a place that meets your needs? Would you like to know more? Just ask about what’s on offer here at

Sunday Service

Mount Zion Apostolic Church in Nottingham has a weekly church service for you and those who meet us at our Coffee Mornings, Food Bank, Children and Young  People’s Service and Afternoon Service from 1 pm- 3.00 every Sunday.

It is a time of worship, sharing God’s word with you from the Bible and you can talk with us and receive prayer.

What is your life story? You are welcome to have a chat with us and have free hot drinks and refreshments after the service. 

Come and experience what God has for you today! Mount Zion Sunday School, the Apostolic Church Ministry that’s making a difference. Learn more here

Working With Our Partners

Mount Zion Church understands that we are part of a larger network of businesses and organisations that meet the diverse needs of the people in the city of Nottingham.

We believe effective change happens in Nottingham when we work together as a team and that’s why we work in partnership with organisations such as Churches, Team Challenge, Food Bank, Trussell Trust network, Hope Nottingham, Nottingham City Council, Police, BBC, Nottingham Evening Post and more.

God loves you and He wants the people in the city of Nottingham to know that He cares about them, and our experience working with others has motivated us to want to help others rebuild their lives even more.

Mount Zion Apostolic Church calls this, ‘helping one person at a time’.

You can help the people of Nottingham make decisions about their lives that improve their health, emotional well being and have the life-changing experiences that they deserve. 

If you would like to help us then just email

Mount Zion (Friends)

In 2010, we set up Mount Zion Apostolic Church Face Book Page, an approach that creates a network of socially responsible people and businesses. 

Our goal is to create a forum that support people’s spiritual, educational, physical, mental and emotional well- being.

You can connect with here on Facebook.