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Mount Zion Apostolic Church Members

It is amazing that 60 years have passed since we held our first community prayer meeting.

This was held at the home of one of the congregants, in the city of Nottingham!

The year was 1960 and so much has happened over the decades following.

Anniversaries are big affairs normally and so they should be! As social creatures, we are wired to celebrate and remember.

In the book of Romans 15:4, Saint Paul talks to us about the value of looking back at our past. (For whatsoever things were written aforetime were written for our learning).

We look back so we can recall fond memories, learn from past experiences, gain inspiration and encouragement, thereby looking forward in hope and unity.

Ministers of the Gospel

Mount Zion Apostolic Church’s anniversary is to honour God, testify about what He has done, and show appreciation to the people who have laboured in the gospel over the years.

We stand on the shoulders of those warriors who have gone before us.

As we celebrate our past it helps us realise there is an even brighter future.

Mount Zion Apostolic Church’s growing cultural diversity

We have reached our 60-year milestone represented as the diamond year!

Mount Zion Apostolic Church has been blessed to meet a diverse range of people of all ages and from all backgrounds.

Many have been baptized in the name of the Lord Jesus Christ and filled with His spirit and have become brothers and sisters in the family of God.

Never in Mount Zion’s Apostolic Church’s history have we experienced the cultural mix of people as we do today.

Mount Zion Apostolic Church is in fellowship with many other churches in Nottingham also fellowshipping with churches nationally and internationally.

Former Pastors & Bishops

Mount Zion Apostolic Church has been shepherded by five pastors: Pastor George Taylor 1960s, Pastor Algernon McKenzie 1960s-70s, Pastor Vincent Senior 1970s-90s, Pastor Terrence Thompson 1990s-2011 and Pastor Trevor Anderson (2011-present).

Our organisation has also been overseen by several bishops namely Bishop Sydney Dunn, Bishop Benjamin Pitt, and Bishop Lloyd Thomas.

Connecting through gospel music!

Mount Zion Apostolic Church recalls its vibrant, iconic, energetic Gospel Choir that started in the 1960s! 

Many of its members may have moved on but Gospel music will never die, fade, or disappear and the gospel sounds continue to ring out each week at our building with distinct sounds, rhythms, and vibes!

Working with our youth

We enjoy our youth who show fortitude and dedication in expressions of their conviction amidst a technologically advancing world that would dare to challenge Christianity as irrelevant, outdated, or even medieval.

Our youth yearly celebrate their faith during a youth conference in the month of July through songs, workshops, drama, liturgical dance, special speakers, and recreational fun and games. Mount Zion Apostolic Church’s Annual Youth Conference has been held for over 45 years in the month of July!

Outreaching our community

Mount Zion Apostolic Church’s outreach work involves such activities as caring for the sick and elderly, visiting people in hospital and running a twice-weekly coffee morning, and food bank supporting families and individuals in need.

We recognise black history during the month of November with displays, special speakers, and cultural food!

Recording our history

Mount Zion Apostolic Church has authored a book entitled ‘A Sure Foundation for a New Generation’which gives a detailed history of its development and progress.

The book is held at the Nottingham Archive, Nottingham City Library, and Mount Zion Apostolic Church archive.

The Church family

We are a blessed and growing body of believers through Jesus Christ, He remains the same yesterday, today and forever (Hebrews 13 vs 8).

May the Lord continue to bless Mount Zion Apostolic Church and its members so that we can continue to serve the Lord, enjoy our church family, advance the gospel of Christ and care for those in need for many years to come.

Happy Diamond Anniversary Mount Zion Apostolic Church!