Children & Young People’s Interactive Notice Board

Due to the current Coronavirus pandemic, we have created this page as an interactive notice board of activities and video links from the web that will help to keep us connected to each other and God.

We will be adding new content and challenges over time so keep checking this page out for new updates.

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Design Competition: Joseph and his coat of many colours

The story of Joseph in the Bible tells us that God wants to use our lives to do good in the world. Joseph was given a colourful coat as a gift by his father Israel. Watch the videos below and think about why he was given this gift.

Below are some pictures of a jacket and a hoodie. Have a go at designing your own colourful jacket or hoodie that you might give as a gift to someone special to you.

We would love to see your designs so please share them with us by emailing them to

Saddleback Kids: Joseph and his coat (Genesis 37)Bomber Jacket Template

Joseph and his coat of many colours
Hoodie Template

Zionites (Ages 3-10)